With the OHTV timeline you can join us in displaying a list of events that have impacted on the Black and Asian communities in chronological order from 1900 to the present day. Please click here for an excellent summary of the UK Migration Story written by Martin Spafford of the Schools History Project. This link takes you to an external website www.ourmigrationstory.org.uk

Read or watch videos relating to a significant event that happened on a particular day or you can add your own significant historical event by clicking the Add Event button below.

How to use

Scroll along the timeline by dragging left and right and look for a date that interests you. You can zoom in and out using the buttons at the top of the Timeline. Alternatively using your mouse wheel or, if using iPad type devices, by pinching.

Take a look at our Digital Toolkit for guidance on how to use the Timeline Feature. To enjoy the full features and benefits from our powerful processor, we recommend you use the Chrome Browser. Using alternative Browsers with less powerful processors may cause some features not to display or may slow down your navigation in the Timeline.

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OHTV thanks Wikipedia for their invaluable assistance in compiling Timeline entries and would also like to acknowledge the research
assistance of BBC Radio 1 Xtra